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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elance.com - IT outsourced projects for Professionals

hello friends , here is your friend harry makkar again . today i was checking some IT projects on internet , so i found this website Elance.com. may be it wont be new website for many of you , but i thought i should share it with you people , who don't know about it . on this website many outsourced IT projects regarding web-designing , gaming , programming and marketing are available offshore . it is very good option for those companies and people who have good experience in these fields and looking for some money to be paid out .

well , you can check on this site , for options available to you. just create free account and try to find suitable project . maybe it can help many college graduates to find some good project and pay hefty amount through paypal .

Transit services in toronto

hello again .many of the torontonians use transit services for many reasons. basically , there are many transit services for the public transportation like TTC , Mississauga transit , Brampton transit and YRT . GO train is also good option for the new urban settlers, who live in Mississauga or Brampton area , who have to commute , everyday to downtown area ( GO transit saves time of Mississauga as well as Brampton area residents )

i have mentioned websites of various transit services .


various monthly and weekly pass options are available Toronto residents to commute . they can choose best option according to their committing area as well as connecting routes .

for new immigrants , there are two options to go to downtown Toronto

if they are living in etobicoke area - they can choose 191 service to go to Kipling subway station from there , they can go to main central hub of downtown area . either they can go to finch subway station by taking 36 of ttc

for Mississauga residents the best way to go to downtown is through islington subway station by taking 11s of Mississauga transit ( that goes from westwood mall - Mississauga )

Missisauga - Hub for asian immigrant community

hello friends , this is my first post in Punjabi Toronto post(ptp) blog . as you know i live in Mississauga , so let me descirbe about the beauty of this place . Mississauga is urban city in outskirts of Toronto downtown area , its well populated and well planned . most of the immigrant families from India , Pakistan and other Asian countries have chosen Mississauga as their home , because due to their community strengths and good cultural multidiversity . most of the Punjabi families from India and Pakistan live in Mississauga and Brampton area , due to easy availability of work and house rent is also less as compared to downtown Toronto area . the picture in front of you is of square one - shopping hub for Mississauga residents