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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mah Childhood memories

hey friends , today i gonna share sm of mah childhood memoreis with you . i know that everybody have some special memories nd moments associated with their life . i was fond of reading comics ,especially hindi comics . below is chacha chouhdry comics .  chahcha choudry was comic series ( may be still in publication) regarding indian genius chahcha choudhry whose mind was faster than comuters . main cast in this comic series were chacha , chachi  ,  sabu ( big giant man from venus planet) who was living with chacha choudry nd protect him from enemies during fights , chachas dog roko . chahcha choudry had so many encounters with bad  goons nd indian society differnt elements . chacha was guiding everybody through his wit and giving socail messages in hi comics . i think so many kids whose grown up in mid 90's hv simmilar feeling like me , when they used to purchase comic books nd read ,that time tv channels nd internet was not popular nd accesble like today , so the comics were the only mode of fun nd entertainment when u were feeling alone . some many other comics series were popular , but flavour of reading chahcha choudry is totally exciting nd different


i m  pretty sure , that many of the kids ,may  hv seen zu mountain saga ( chinese action series ) on home tv ( that time popular indian channel ) . it was chinese action drama series (dubbed in hindi) . it was excellent action drama , with kungfu actions and special effect at that time . this was the story centered around angels and demons in chinese culture , usually used to telecasted on 6.00 pm , when i was in high school . i hd to go to bring milk for our home , so my mom also scold me not leaving the tv channel nd go to bring milk after the 5.30 tv telecast , small wonders . the memories of that time are always etched in my mind .

the small wonders , was the tv series based on human robot vicky nd her family (lawson family ) . it was fun watching these series evening time . main characters were jamie , vicki , ted lawson nd harriet in their neighbourhood
 The storylines revolve around V.I.C.I. (an acronym for "Voice Input Child Identicant", pronounced Vicki), an android in the form of a 10-year-old girl, built by Ted Lawson, an engineer/inventor for United Robotronics, in an effort to assist handicapped children. The robot is taken home by Lawson so that it can mature within a family environment.

hey friends , if somebody hv similar childhood memories  like me , just comment . if u like this post then plz reply or comment . hope many of the guys who used to watch  this type stuff might like this post thanxs.  
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