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Monday, July 26, 2010

Best friends forever - without them in there is no life in canada

hello friends , hw is everybody . today i m posting pics and amazing moments with some of my best friends in canada .

me wid  amanpreet aka bhola nd jagdeep aka - jaggu brampton wala

both thse guys are very friendly . jaggu nd bhola been to mah friends from last 2 years , met them @ gbc college while doing wireless networking course . jaggu is very down to earth guy , who helps everybody nd very friendly 


in this pic , there is amar dhnoa , shalinder , nd pranav nd me 

dhanoa was actullay jaggu's friend from U.S. , he met us while having party @ our home . very nice personality with good sense of humour. bravo bhaji  . shalinder nd pranav been to mah friends from last 2 years . all 3 of us  met  while doing wireless networking course @ gbc college toronto . did lot of fun in these
2 years

aman aka bhatti , dhnoa bhaji nd me @  bruce peninsula beaches , it was really fun countryside @ tobermory  - courtesy facebook pics   

in this pic , sumit goyal - aka goyal nd gurminder dhillon aka - dhillon sahb nd me
goyal was mah roomlate last year , currently in sasketwan , a very down to earth guy nd very friendly person . came last month to toronto nd i took this pic @ cananda's wonderland . dhillon also met us all last year while doing course @gbc toronto . dhillon sahb also have good personality nd good attitude , bravo friends 


harmeet aka meet , jaggu brampton nd me @ jassa singh basement  - means our basement . lolz. meet was mah roommate , currently in winnipeg. should say great about him , but not getting words. meet always  fights with me 4 not doing dishes nd household work  , currently missing mah homie , jaggu iz still part of hustla gang .