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Friday, July 16, 2010

New immigration rules canada 2010 - Plight of Internatinal students and Temporary workers

hello friends , hws going on . hope everybody is enjoying summer dayz in toronto . this is my recent post regarding new canadian immigration rules 2010 posted on june 26 , 2010 and this is regarding new skilled worker immigrant immigrant. guys , i read this new relaese throughly. it seems that this new release "Government of Canada will welcome more economic immigrants in 2010 " is quite confusing and plightful for the temporary workers and international students coming to canada . on the one side govt. of canada is giving student visa to international students easily to get hefty amount of canadian currency as a college fees , but on the other hand immigration rules are becoming tough day by day .it is acceptable fact that most of the students and temporary workers come to canada , just to get permanent residency . wheather most of the people wont be agree with me , but this is fact . but due to higher competition in canadian job market and tough HRDC approval procedure , tough immigration policies in CEC and skilled worker categary , many student and temporary workers find easy procedure of permanent residency in PNP programmes of alberta , Manitoba and sasketcwan .
here , one important fact , that i wanna mention is many of the international students move to these provinces to get easy PR where they can do any job under low skilled or semi skilled category , which is quite disturbing for those students who wanna do job in their required field , but dont get easily due to high skills demand in job market . at last i just have one question still left in mah mind , whose answer is very difficult to find still, if students have to move different provinces like sasketchwan , alberta and manitoba and have to do any odd jobs there to get PR , then what is the point of their study (in any professional courses) done here in ontario and BC . still confusing question . anyway , i hope that Australia like international students condition never happens here in canada . at last , i apologise for my mistakes in my views , so any comments or suggestions are most welcomed .thanxs

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