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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Journey Of My Life

Hello guys , hope everybody is enjoying another sunny weekend in Toronto . guys , few days ago , me and one of my friend were  discussing all the changes in our life in these 10 years . there are so many major transitions in our life from our childhood to mature adult life . we were discussing how our life is totally different from the generation that is born after mid 95. so in this post i just aspire to write some of things , that are in my mind and that i wanna share with those Indian guys or guys from around the world who were born in mid 80's or are around like 25-26 years old now. may be some of guys will remember all the exciting things that we use to do during our times , that was our golden time . bravo 25 .

Nokia 3310 To IPhone 3GS

in 2003 , when i was doing graduation , i purchase my first cell phone nokia 3310 , as it was most popular and cheap phone that time . i think , it was most common phone at that time. it was very exciting moment at that time to use even use the simple cell phone , that does not have any specific features . only few ring tones by default. many of the guys from collage time , still would be remembered , how solid and heavy cell phone

that time in 2003 .

now just in the span of 7 years , i have iPhone 3gs now. with exciting features. i never , imagined in my life at that time that , there would be such a dramatic change in cell phone technology . guys , nobody had ever thought at that time , there would be such cell phone like iPhone , which can work on home wireless Internet network and have exciting features like YouTube , GPS , google maps , search engine , skype ( voip calls to Internet ) . ipod is also included for downloading music . what a change in technology. may be even in future there would be new technology will make cell phones more sophisticated and with advanced features.