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Sunday, July 18, 2010

irelax - best mind relaxing software for sleeping on iphone

hello guys , here is your friend harry makkar again . hope everybody is relaxing on weekend . i have just returned from my visit to burice peninsula beaches in weekend ( i will post pics on blog ). friends already have checked my pics on facebook. here , today i wanna mention irelax software on this blog . this software is best for those who feel irritation while not having enough sleep due to noise in neighbourhood or traffic etc. friends you can download this software on iphone ( it is free on iphone - use itunes ) . if you use laptop , then you can also download the pc version from website http://www.ilbsoft.com/ . i didnt check , but may be more softwares of this would be availble on internet for your use. hope you can find another one better than this .

again , i come to the usage of this software . for iphone , it is very easy to use and have so many options . just run this software , select required melody or sound , and play the soothing sounds of rain , wind or birds sounds in your ear and just relax and sleep . may be placing headphone in your ear , would be quite irritating for you , but when you will just relax and sleep , you can enjoy sleep for 6-7 hours , without any disturbance (better switch your phone to silent mode , to avoid unncessory callings during your sleep) .

friends, i m getting full advantage of this software , you can use it best if you have iphone . but unfortunately , if you dont have iphone , then i think pc version would help . i didnt try that . hope , may be it will work . i will try to find some new softwares, for differnt phones and will mention it in new post . hope , that my friends , who are suffering from insomania , or irregular sleep pattern can get the advantage of this technology . so friends , at last enjoy your weekend and sleep well , better prepare for monday morning blues .
your well wisher harry makkar :)