hello friends , welcocme to my blog mytoronto.com. this blog is about toronto lifestyle and its multicultral society. i started this blog to share genereal views on toronto lifestyle and current issues in our society. so i hope that , it would be liked and supported by you. i hope that with your continue support and help , we can solve the social and oher issues around the globe. so evrybody's views on any issue are welcomed.

thanxs harry :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

your life will change , when u always remember two things .

1. every situation and condition is not permanent , wheather good or bad , it changes
2. keep trust in Waheguru (God )and keep going in life as naturally , as it is going , without expecting anything from life .

Mother Earth - Save Her future

earth is not a just , one planet in solar system , its like our mother , who provides us life and shelter. there are so many things we , human beings are doing to harm or bleed our mother . global warming and natural disasters always reminds us our faults and mistakes , that we are doing environmently .

save earth , save planet , save nature , save human being future should be our motto in life

the main thing is how we can do that , its simple

1. save energy , electricity and water resources to their best
2. use other modes of commutation like cycles or public transportation instead of motor vehicle.
 3.avoid luxury /live simple life
 4.cut down the wastage in daily life
hope for better future , better life . harry makkar :))

Importance Of Positive Attitude In Life

 hello  guys , here is your friend harry makkar, back again . today , i wanna share my views with you  on positive attitude. suddenly today , this thing came to my mind , and i thought that i should share my views on this thing with you . may be it can change your attitude regarding life.

friends , i think that nothing is permanent in life , neither happiness , nor sorrows . the situations are not the same everytime . everything changes according to time and situations . so from today , i think everybody should take one resolution , be happy everytime , even in critical times . i know that saying and writing this is easy , but adopting and implementing is very tough  , but i think we can try . even the critical situations in life are not always permanent, always remember this fact. i also struggled in life , faced so many problems , but became tougher and learnt so many things from my mistakes and past experiances. experiances are your real part of life , wheather they are good or bad.

so friends , in this post i wanna expect from myself and you , to change your life , by changing your attitude towards life , keep positive attitude , make good social circle , observerse nature around  you . sometimes we forget to observe so many beautiful things around us , in hectic and fast paced lifestyle . if somebody's attitude changes , with my this post , then i think writing of my this post on blog is worthwhile. so see you guys in next post . until then goodbye , keep lifestyle in high spirits 

yours friend always harry :))        

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