hello friends , welcocme to my blog mytoronto.com. this blog is about toronto lifestyle and its multicultral society. i started this blog to share genereal views on toronto lifestyle and current issues in our society. so i hope that , it would be liked and supported by you. i hope that with your continue support and help , we can solve the social and oher issues around the globe. so evrybody's views on any issue are welcomed.

thanxs harry :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life's Lessons that everybody learns @ one stage .

hey guys i m just writing important experiences in my life , that i have learned throughout my life . may be many of like this and would suggest some more in their comments

1. always take care of your health , money is important but don't spoil your life and health for just money . money is just a commodity that everybody uses  for  living . if your health is not in your favour , nothing matters how much money you have earned . loss of money is not a loss at all but loss of health is really big one,

2.don't think too much about the future and past mistakes . future always comes in present form and past is gone forever , so there is no point of thinking too much about future and past .

3.  enjoy life as it comes , don't let the beautiful moment slip from your hand .

4. always plan too much before taking any important decisions . but also take some risks where they are needed

5.  don't think negative at all

6. during hard times , faith in GOD and think  , it shall pass too .

7. enjoy life with friends and dear ones. make good social circle

8 . everyday is a new beginning

Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily Prayer

God forgive us for our sins , show us proper path and bring happiness in our lives by your grace . oh almighty be with us always  . don't forget us and don't let forget u .

harry :))

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Journey Of My Life

Hello guys , hope everybody is enjoying another sunny weekend in Toronto . guys , few days ago , me and one of my friend were  discussing all the changes in our life in these 10 years . there are so many major transitions in our life from our childhood to mature adult life . we were discussing how our life is totally different from the generation that is born after mid 95. so in this post i just aspire to write some of things , that are in my mind and that i wanna share with those Indian guys or guys from around the world who were born in mid 80's or are around like 25-26 years old now. may be some of guys will remember all the exciting things that we use to do during our times , that was our golden time . bravo 25 .

Nokia 3310 To IPhone 3GS

in 2003 , when i was doing graduation , i purchase my first cell phone nokia 3310 , as it was most popular and cheap phone that time . i think , it was most common phone at that time. it was very exciting moment at that time to use even use the simple cell phone , that does not have any specific features . only few ring tones by default. many of the guys from collage time , still would be remembered , how solid and heavy cell phone

that time in 2003 .

now just in the span of 7 years , i have iPhone 3gs now. with exciting features. i never , imagined in my life at that time that , there would be such a dramatic change in cell phone technology . guys , nobody had ever thought at that time , there would be such cell phone like iPhone , which can work on home wireless Internet network and have exciting features like YouTube , GPS , google maps , search engine , skype ( voip calls to Internet ) . ipod is also included for downloading music . what a change in technology. may be even in future there would be new technology will make cell phones more sophisticated and with advanced features.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mah Childhood memories

hey friends , today i gonna share sm of mah childhood memoreis with you . i know that everybody have some special memories nd moments associated with their life . i was fond of reading comics ,especially hindi comics . below is chacha chouhdry comics .  chahcha choudry was comic series ( may be still in publication) regarding indian genius chahcha choudhry whose mind was faster than comuters . main cast in this comic series were chacha , chachi  ,  sabu ( big giant man from venus planet) who was living with chacha choudry nd protect him from enemies during fights , chachas dog roko . chahcha choudry had so many encounters with bad  goons nd indian society differnt elements . chacha was guiding everybody through his wit and giving socail messages in hi comics . i think so many kids whose grown up in mid 90's hv simmilar feeling like me , when they used to purchase comic books nd read ,that time tv channels nd internet was not popular nd accesble like today , so the comics were the only mode of fun nd entertainment when u were feeling alone . some many other comics series were popular , but flavour of reading chahcha choudry is totally exciting nd different


i m  pretty sure , that many of the kids ,may  hv seen zu mountain saga ( chinese action series ) on home tv ( that time popular indian channel ) . it was chinese action drama series (dubbed in hindi) . it was excellent action drama , with kungfu actions and special effect at that time . this was the story centered around angels and demons in chinese culture , usually used to telecasted on 6.00 pm , when i was in high school . i hd to go to bring milk for our home , so my mom also scold me not leaving the tv channel nd go to bring milk after the 5.30 tv telecast , small wonders . the memories of that time are always etched in my mind .

the small wonders , was the tv series based on human robot vicky nd her family (lawson family ) . it was fun watching these series evening time . main characters were jamie , vicki , ted lawson nd harriet in their neighbourhood
 The storylines revolve around V.I.C.I. (an acronym for "Voice Input Child Identicant", pronounced Vicki), an android in the form of a 10-year-old girl, built by Ted Lawson, an engineer/inventor for United Robotronics, in an effort to assist handicapped children. The robot is taken home by Lawson so that it can mature within a family environment.

hey friends , if somebody hv similar childhood memories  like me , just comment . if u like this post then plz reply or comment . hope many of the guys who used to watch  this type stuff might like this post thanxs.  
rules are made to be broken , so breake the rules , take risks , f*** the world sometimes nd enjoy life more

Monday, July 26, 2010

Best friends forever - without them in there is no life in canada

hello friends , hw is everybody . today i m posting pics and amazing moments with some of my best friends in canada .

me wid  amanpreet aka bhola nd jagdeep aka - jaggu brampton wala

both thse guys are very friendly . jaggu nd bhola been to mah friends from last 2 years , met them @ gbc college while doing wireless networking course . jaggu is very down to earth guy , who helps everybody nd very friendly 


in this pic , there is amar dhnoa , shalinder , nd pranav nd me 

dhanoa was actullay jaggu's friend from U.S. , he met us while having party @ our home . very nice personality with good sense of humour. bravo bhaji  . shalinder nd pranav been to mah friends from last 2 years . all 3 of us  met  while doing wireless networking course @ gbc college toronto . did lot of fun in these
2 years

aman aka bhatti , dhnoa bhaji nd me @  bruce peninsula beaches , it was really fun countryside @ tobermory  - courtesy facebook pics   

in this pic , sumit goyal - aka goyal nd gurminder dhillon aka - dhillon sahb nd me
goyal was mah roomlate last year , currently in sasketwan , a very down to earth guy nd very friendly person . came last month to toronto nd i took this pic @ cananda's wonderland . dhillon also met us all last year while doing course @gbc toronto . dhillon sahb also have good personality nd good attitude , bravo friends 


harmeet aka meet , jaggu brampton nd me @ jassa singh basement  - means our basement . lolz. meet was mah roommate , currently in winnipeg. should say great about him , but not getting words. meet always  fights with me 4 not doing dishes nd household work  , currently missing mah homie , jaggu iz still part of hustla gang .