hello friends , welcocme to my blog mytoronto.com. this blog is about toronto lifestyle and its multicultral society. i started this blog to share genereal views on toronto lifestyle and current issues in our society. so i hope that , it would be liked and supported by you. i hope that with your continue support and help , we can solve the social and oher issues around the globe. so evrybody's views on any issue are welcomed.

thanxs harry :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Best friends forever - without them in there is no life in canada

hello friends , hw is everybody . today i m posting pics and amazing moments with some of my best friends in canada .

me wid  amanpreet aka bhola nd jagdeep aka - jaggu brampton wala

both thse guys are very friendly . jaggu nd bhola been to mah friends from last 2 years , met them @ gbc college while doing wireless networking course . jaggu is very down to earth guy , who helps everybody nd very friendly 


in this pic , there is amar dhnoa , shalinder , nd pranav nd me 

dhanoa was actullay jaggu's friend from U.S. , he met us while having party @ our home . very nice personality with good sense of humour. bravo bhaji  . shalinder nd pranav been to mah friends from last 2 years . all 3 of us  met  while doing wireless networking course @ gbc college toronto . did lot of fun in these
2 years

aman aka bhatti , dhnoa bhaji nd me @  bruce peninsula beaches , it was really fun countryside @ tobermory  - courtesy facebook pics   

in this pic , sumit goyal - aka goyal nd gurminder dhillon aka - dhillon sahb nd me
goyal was mah roomlate last year , currently in sasketwan , a very down to earth guy nd very friendly person . came last month to toronto nd i took this pic @ cananda's wonderland . dhillon also met us all last year while doing course @gbc toronto . dhillon sahb also have good personality nd good attitude , bravo friends 


harmeet aka meet , jaggu brampton nd me @ jassa singh basement  - means our basement . lolz. meet was mah roommate , currently in winnipeg. should say great about him , but not getting words. meet always  fights with me 4 not doing dishes nd household work  , currently missing mah homie , jaggu iz still part of hustla gang .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

your life will change , when u always remember two things .

1. every situation and condition is not permanent , wheather good or bad , it changes
2. keep trust in Waheguru (God )and keep going in life as naturally , as it is going , without expecting anything from life .

Mother Earth - Save Her future

earth is not a just , one planet in solar system , its like our mother , who provides us life and shelter. there are so many things we , human beings are doing to harm or bleed our mother . global warming and natural disasters always reminds us our faults and mistakes , that we are doing environmently .

save earth , save planet , save nature , save human being future should be our motto in life

the main thing is how we can do that , its simple

1. save energy , electricity and water resources to their best
2. use other modes of commutation like cycles or public transportation instead of motor vehicle.
 3.avoid luxury /live simple life
 4.cut down the wastage in daily life
hope for better future , better life . harry makkar :))

Importance Of Positive Attitude In Life

 hello  guys , here is your friend harry makkar, back again . today , i wanna share my views with you  on positive attitude. suddenly today , this thing came to my mind , and i thought that i should share my views on this thing with you . may be it can change your attitude regarding life.

friends , i think that nothing is permanent in life , neither happiness , nor sorrows . the situations are not the same everytime . everything changes according to time and situations . so from today , i think everybody should take one resolution , be happy everytime , even in critical times . i know that saying and writing this is easy , but adopting and implementing is very tough  , but i think we can try . even the critical situations in life are not always permanent, always remember this fact. i also struggled in life , faced so many problems , but became tougher and learnt so many things from my mistakes and past experiances. experiances are your real part of life , wheather they are good or bad.

so friends , in this post i wanna expect from myself and you , to change your life , by changing your attitude towards life , keep positive attitude , make good social circle , observerse nature around  you . sometimes we forget to observe so many beautiful things around us , in hectic and fast paced lifestyle . if somebody's attitude changes , with my this post , then i think writing of my this post on blog is worthwhile. so see you guys in next post . until then goodbye , keep lifestyle in high spirits 

yours friend always harry :))        

Sunday, July 18, 2010

irelax - best mind relaxing software for sleeping on iphone

hello guys , here is your friend harry makkar again . hope everybody is relaxing on weekend . i have just returned from my visit to burice peninsula beaches in weekend ( i will post pics on blog ). friends already have checked my pics on facebook. here , today i wanna mention irelax software on this blog . this software is best for those who feel irritation while not having enough sleep due to noise in neighbourhood or traffic etc. friends you can download this software on iphone ( it is free on iphone - use itunes ) . if you use laptop , then you can also download the pc version from website http://www.ilbsoft.com/ . i didnt check , but may be more softwares of this would be availble on internet for your use. hope you can find another one better than this .

again , i come to the usage of this software . for iphone , it is very easy to use and have so many options . just run this software , select required melody or sound , and play the soothing sounds of rain , wind or birds sounds in your ear and just relax and sleep . may be placing headphone in your ear , would be quite irritating for you , but when you will just relax and sleep , you can enjoy sleep for 6-7 hours , without any disturbance (better switch your phone to silent mode , to avoid unncessory callings during your sleep) .

friends, i m getting full advantage of this software , you can use it best if you have iphone . but unfortunately , if you dont have iphone , then i think pc version would help . i didnt try that . hope , may be it will work . i will try to find some new softwares, for differnt phones and will mention it in new post . hope , that my friends , who are suffering from insomania , or irregular sleep pattern can get the advantage of this technology . so friends , at last enjoy your weekend and sleep well , better prepare for monday morning blues .
your well wisher harry makkar :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

New immigration rules canada 2010 - Plight of Internatinal students and Temporary workers

hello friends , hws going on . hope everybody is enjoying summer dayz in toronto . this is my recent post regarding new canadian immigration rules 2010 posted on june 26 , 2010 and this is regarding new skilled worker immigrant immigrant. guys , i read this new relaese throughly. it seems that this new release "Government of Canada will welcome more economic immigrants in 2010 " is quite confusing and plightful for the temporary workers and international students coming to canada . on the one side govt. of canada is giving student visa to international students easily to get hefty amount of canadian currency as a college fees , but on the other hand immigration rules are becoming tough day by day .it is acceptable fact that most of the students and temporary workers come to canada , just to get permanent residency . wheather most of the people wont be agree with me , but this is fact . but due to higher competition in canadian job market and tough HRDC approval procedure , tough immigration policies in CEC and skilled worker categary , many student and temporary workers find easy procedure of permanent residency in PNP programmes of alberta , Manitoba and sasketcwan .
here , one important fact , that i wanna mention is many of the international students move to these provinces to get easy PR where they can do any job under low skilled or semi skilled category , which is quite disturbing for those students who wanna do job in their required field , but dont get easily due to high skills demand in job market . at last i just have one question still left in mah mind , whose answer is very difficult to find still, if students have to move different provinces like sasketchwan , alberta and manitoba and have to do any odd jobs there to get PR , then what is the point of their study (in any professional courses) done here in ontario and BC . still confusing question . anyway , i hope that Australia like international students condition never happens here in canada . at last , i apologise for my mistakes in my views , so any comments or suggestions are most welcomed .thanxs

enjoy weekend :)) harry

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elance.com - IT outsourced projects for Professionals

hello friends , here is your friend harry makkar again . today i was checking some IT projects on internet , so i found this website Elance.com. may be it wont be new website for many of you , but i thought i should share it with you people , who don't know about it . on this website many outsourced IT projects regarding web-designing , gaming , programming and marketing are available offshore . it is very good option for those companies and people who have good experience in these fields and looking for some money to be paid out .

well , you can check on this site , for options available to you. just create free account and try to find suitable project . maybe it can help many college graduates to find some good project and pay hefty amount through paypal .

Transit services in toronto

hello again .many of the torontonians use transit services for many reasons. basically , there are many transit services for the public transportation like TTC , Mississauga transit , Brampton transit and YRT . GO train is also good option for the new urban settlers, who live in Mississauga or Brampton area , who have to commute , everyday to downtown area ( GO transit saves time of Mississauga as well as Brampton area residents )

i have mentioned websites of various transit services .


various monthly and weekly pass options are available Toronto residents to commute . they can choose best option according to their committing area as well as connecting routes .

for new immigrants , there are two options to go to downtown Toronto

if they are living in etobicoke area - they can choose 191 service to go to Kipling subway station from there , they can go to main central hub of downtown area . either they can go to finch subway station by taking 36 of ttc

for Mississauga residents the best way to go to downtown is through islington subway station by taking 11s of Mississauga transit ( that goes from westwood mall - Mississauga )

Missisauga - Hub for asian immigrant community

hello friends , this is my first post in Punjabi Toronto post(ptp) blog . as you know i live in Mississauga , so let me descirbe about the beauty of this place . Mississauga is urban city in outskirts of Toronto downtown area , its well populated and well planned . most of the immigrant families from India , Pakistan and other Asian countries have chosen Mississauga as their home , because due to their community strengths and good cultural multidiversity . most of the Punjabi families from India and Pakistan live in Mississauga and Brampton area , due to easy availability of work and house rent is also less as compared to downtown Toronto area . the picture in front of you is of square one - shopping hub for Mississauga residents

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