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Friday, August 20, 2010

Life's Lessons that everybody learns @ one stage .

hey guys i m just writing important experiences in my life , that i have learned throughout my life . may be many of like this and would suggest some more in their comments

1. always take care of your health , money is important but don't spoil your life and health for just money . money is just a commodity that everybody uses  for  living . if your health is not in your favour , nothing matters how much money you have earned . loss of money is not a loss at all but loss of health is really big one,

2.don't think too much about the future and past mistakes . future always comes in present form and past is gone forever , so there is no point of thinking too much about future and past .

3.  enjoy life as it comes , don't let the beautiful moment slip from your hand .

4. always plan too much before taking any important decisions . but also take some risks where they are needed

5.  don't think negative at all

6. during hard times , faith in GOD and think  , it shall pass too .

7. enjoy life with friends and dear ones. make good social circle

8 . everyday is a new beginning

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