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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother Earth - Save Her future

earth is not a just , one planet in solar system , its like our mother , who provides us life and shelter. there are so many things we , human beings are doing to harm or bleed our mother . global warming and natural disasters always reminds us our faults and mistakes , that we are doing environmently .

save earth , save planet , save nature , save human being future should be our motto in life

the main thing is how we can do that , its simple

1. save energy , electricity and water resources to their best
2. use other modes of commutation like cycles or public transportation instead of motor vehicle.
 3.avoid luxury /live simple life
 4.cut down the wastage in daily life
hope for better future , better life . harry makkar :))

1 comment:

parminder said...

dats right...by doin small small things v can make big differnces in our lives..v should avoid wastage..always use our wisdom to use natural resources in best possible way..